Recommended Products

John's & Bob's GrowGreen Smart Soil Solutions

We add John and Bob’s organic soil amendments to our potting soil mix to enhance growth, prevent disease, and ensure better fruit production! We recommend adding these beneficial amendments to your soil to continue this process.

John and Bob’s is a soil amendment system that works to transform any soil into a rich, fertile growing medium full of nutrients and microbes, ready to sustain life! This integrated system of four unique products- Optimize, Maximize, Penetrate and Nourish- work together to turn soil into a vigorous, thriving, complex ecosystem that allows for abundant, healthy plant life to flourish year after year!

  • Optimize provides an abundance of nutrients to feed both plants and beneficial microbes in the soil. It contains fully decomposed humus, a rich, nutritious food source for use directly by plants and beneficial microorganisms like fungi. Optimize also contains organic Calcium and organic Iron, which work with the humus to balance the pH of the soil to allow for maximum bacterial growth.
  • Maximize is a highly concentrated mix of essential minerals and microbes. It contains Alaskan humus that is incredibly rich in almost every mineral that occurs in soil and millions of microbes (including bacteria, fungi and protozoa) that work to unlock the nutrients in the soil.
  • Penetrate is a liquid bio-tiller that contains powerful ingredients that work together to break up hard, clay soils. It includes beneficial bacteria that accelerate the soil-loosening process and break down nutrients for plants. Penetrate also contains food to enliven these dormant bacteria and Saponin, an extract from the Yucca plant, which coats clay particles and can break up even the hardest clay or compacted soil.
  • Nourish is an organic fertilizer derived from fermented soybean and cottonseed meal, and is full of simple sugars to feed bacteria and support plant growth. This fertilizer is fast-acting and has nutrients that are readily available to plants!

We add John and Bob’s to our soil mix and in our gardens. You can use John and Bob’s to transform your own soil! Look for it in your local nursery or buy it online.