Root Stock Advantage

Ezra’s Organics grows with yields in mind. With our specialized production process, we are able to grow plants with root systems that are 4-5 times larger than your average tomato plant. These strong, extensive root systems can reach more nutrients in the soil, which increases growth and vigor. Ezra’s grafted tomatoes can resist several common diseases that normally plague tomato plants, especially in the gray, moist Northwest climate. This is partially because of the vigorous, disease-resistant root stock we use, but it is also due to the overall increased health of the plants. Just like in humans, proper nutrition leads to excellent health. Extensive roots are capable of reaching and taking up more nutrients than the average tomato root system. These nutrients help to create more abundant foliage that can more effectively convert the available energy from the sun.


Grafted tomato roots also act as a heating and cooling system on a tomato.  During hot weather, excess liquid is pushed down to the roots to protect the foliage (this is when a plant may go limp for a few hours). Water is stored in the roots, until the temperatures cool, and is then circulated throughout the plant again. During cooler weather, an extensive root system allows the plants to draw simple sugars out of the soil and up into the foliage where they act as antifreeze to protect the plant. The tiny sugar molecules are suspended in the water inside each cell, keeping that water from freezing solid. This advanced temperature regulation allows our plants to tolerate lower temperatures, so that they can produce both earlier and later in the season. It also helps them to thrive during rapid heat fluctuations.

The dynamic combination of the heat/cold tolerance partnered with more effective conversion of the sun’s energy allows our plants to produce, even when the weather doesn’t cooperate.  This allows home gardeners to reliably grow large crops of delicious tomatoes sustainably without the use of pesticides, inorganic fertilizers, and other harmful substances.