Ezra’s Grafting Process

Why Ezra’s Organics Grafted Tomatoes?

Ezra’s Organics grows superior grafted tomato seedlings for home gardeners to ensure better yields of delicious, organic fruit. Our tomato seedlings are made by grafting our robust rootstock to flavorful heirloom and hybrid tomatoes. The result is an extremely prolific plant without the diseases that plague many popular varieties.

Benefits of Ezra’s Organics Grafted Tomatoes:

  1. Increased production: 4-5x the fruit of standard tomato plants!
  2. Extreme vigor for improved fruit quality and a superior taste.
  3. Superior disease resistance, including blight and blossom end-rot.
  4. Tolerance to environmental stresses like extreme temperatures or poor soils.
  5. Increased yields with a prolonged harvest.
  6. Greater resistance to soil-borne pathogens and nematodes.

What is a grafted tomato?

A graft is the successful union of two different but related plants. These two are joined in such a way that the vascular tissues connect to fuse and share vital nutrients, air, and water, essentially forming into one new plant. Grafting is a propagation technique that has been used for thousands of years on fruit trees, olive trees, and others to build new varieties and enhance genetic advantages.

Plant grafting was originally developed in Japan to produce a larger amount of produce in limited growing space. This technique gives fruits and vegetables increased disease resistance, vitality, and production throughout the season.

In the last few decades, this fantastic technique has been developed for tomatoes with amazing results! Ezra’s Organics employs soft-tissue grafting to gently fuse two young tomato plants together once they reach the seedling stage.

Organic tomato expert Steve Goto (the authority behind Gotomato and our good friend) gives this explanation:

A grafted tomato is a combination of two tomato plants: a root stock fused to a scion (aka the top stem and leaves). The two are joined together to create one plant that displays the best properties of both varieties. For example, a tomato root stock that conveys disease-resistance can be fused to a scion with improved flavor or color. The resulting grafted tomato will display both characteristics, leading to a truly superior plant! Part of the magic of the grafted tomato is in the extensive root systems. Roots grow 4-5 times larger than a regular tomato, helping them to increase stability and reach deeper water and nutrients. This helps them to produce larger, more abundant fruit in less sunlight! That is why they are generally sold in gallon pots-because the roots need the extra space!

Read more of Steve’s thoughts on grafted tomatoes at Gotomato.us.com.

Why are Ezra’s Organics Grafted Tomatoes superior?

  1. Like a high performance vehicle we include processes and amendments that are not “necessary” to give our plants every edge so that you get the best performance available.
  2. Every season we utilize information from our test gardens and tomato growers we trust to only select varieties that we know will perform well in our unique climate.
  3. We are also constantly testing, refining and developing cutting edge tools, technologies, and amendments so that we can produce better plants with less environmental impact.
  4. Ezra’s Organics uses 100% organic products and techniques to produce all of our starts. We believe in taking care of our own health, the health of the soil, and the environment, so we work hard to ensure that our tomato seedlings are organic from the beginning.
  5. We use many recycled materials in our production, including our pots and plant tags. We work hard to keep our environmental impact low and to ensure that the process is as sustainable as possible.
  6. We start all of our plants in soil blocks to encourage better root growth and eliminate non-recyclable plastic start trays.
  7. Ezra’s Organics’ tomato seedlings are non-GMO and always will be.
  8. We produce our own soil mix to improve the quality of the nutrients available to our plants.
  9. We use John and Bob’s soil conditioners in all our soil mixes to optimize root growth and vitality of all our tomato seedlings.
  10. We inoculate our starts with beneficial microbes to further increase disease resistance and nutrient availability.
  11. We use worm tea, fish emulsion, and John and Bob’s ‘Penetrate’ to introduce and feed these microbes, which enhances plant performance.
  12. During the early growth of our starts, we carefully control the growing environment to ensure consistent production.

You can learn more about our pledge to organic standards and our organic methods by clicking here. Plus, find out how we make our soil mix and learn why we think soil is so important!

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