About Ezra’s Organics

Ezra loves tomatoesEzra’s Organics was initially formed out of obsession and need. As avid gardeners ourselves, we were obsessed with growing interesting, flavorful fruits and vegetables (especially tomatoes) in our home gardens. But we were continually disappointed that the most interesting and appetizing varieties were often not the most reliable producers. We sought to find solutions to be able to grow rare and complex varieties that were also consistently healthy producers.

We also noticed a disturbing trend with the cost of fresh store-bought produce. According to the USDA, as of January 2012, the average family of four (who is thrifty with their budget) will spend a minimum of $6576.00 annually and families in more expensive areas or on less stringent budgets will spend as much as $14,931.60 to provide their family with fresh store bought food. As energy costs spiral, these costs will continue to rise. This trend makes it increasingly difficult for the average family to afford fresh fruits and vegetables. For many families, being able to consistently produce food at home in their garden has become a necessity.

As we become increasingly aware of the practical and environmental impacts of the “petroleum economy” on our food supply, it is increasingly important that families are able to consistently get food from their gardens. As these challenges continue to accelerate, it is becoming increasingly critical for both home gardeners and local farmers to be able to efficiently and effectively produce a wide variety of food locally (rather than having it shipped from across the country or across the globe).

The Ezra’s Organics team has come together to enable home gardeners and local organic farmers to more effectively produce organic food for themselves as well as their community.

Our innovative approaches to growing vegetable starts incorporate new grafting techniques, innovative technologies and proven organic gardening methods to produce vigorous and healthy plants. In order to provide value to our customers, we have implemented advanced nursery practices and developed new ones. We are creating new sustainable technologies and solutions that will allow us to create our organic products more effectively at a lower cost, and with less impact on the environment.

The Ezra’s Organics team is committed to supporting our community with our solutions well into the future.